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The Ultimate System For Building A Highly Successful Mentoring Business...
Introducing The Business Mentoring System
"How To Start & Build A Highly Successful Mentoring Business With Absolutely NO Personal Selling On Your Part"
...And Mentor £400 An Hour Clients That The System Delivers For You
Furthermore, your online business can be up and running within 30 days with everything you'll ever need …for just a single set-up fee of only £997 and then just £50 per month per client...

...and do it all without having to create a single system, without spending a small fortune on technology, without having to learn complicated software... and without having to sell!

This really is...
With the Business Mentoring System, you can unlock your potential as a world-class Business Mentor and build a highly successful mentoring business


The Business Mentoring System is also backed by our industry-leading two-tiered money-back guarantee! See below for details.
The Complete System To
Growing A Highly Successful & Profitable Mentoring Business
The Business Mentoring System will enable you to…
  • Quickly and easily build a world-class online mentoring business from scratch or significantly enhance your existing coaching, mentoring, consulting or training business 
  • Acquire a steady stream of quality leads and mentoring clients at £400 an hour
  • ​Generate those clients without selling (the system delivers the clients for you) and for little or no cost. It's like having your own dedicated sales team working for you, for FREE!
  • ​Keep your mentoring clients for many months, even years
  • Be successful by also maximising your current skills, expertise and experience
  • ​Avoid ever having to 'wing it' with a client (always know what you're doing)
  • ​Position yourself as a world-class business mentor 
  • ​Have a powerful online presence without having to lift a finger or pay for any tech support
  • ​Have the entire system set up for you, so you can launch in less than a month
  • ​Stand out and take advantage of this snowballing industry
  • ​Access the massive and lucrative SME market (small- to medium-sized business)
  • ​Significantly improve the growth, sales and profits of your clients... especially when so many right now need your help (and many more will after the pandemic)
  • ​Enjoy helping other business owners get back on track and transform their business fortunes
  • ​Deliver the complete Mentoring System from the comfort and safety of your home or office
  • ​Create the work/life balance that suits you, your family and your ambition
  • ​Mentor as many clients as you can handle
  • ALL for just a one-off set-up fee of £997... then nothing to pay until you start working with clients (we share in your success, and you pay just £50 per month per client that the System delivers for you)

"This Is What You Can Look Forward To When You JOIN The Business Mentoring System"

The video testimonials are from our Business Mentors at varying degrees of their journey... from a couple of weeks in, to over a year...

Meet David Watt...
"Working with over 25 different clients. Given me the confidence to work with new clients with the knowledge to back it up."
Meet Lucy Gilchrist...
"Delighted with the depth of the training and the systems to help me get £400 an hour mentoring clients."
Meet Yasmin Ali...
"Wished I'd joined earlier."
Meet Jon Tompkins...
"A variety of mentoring clients."
Meet Boomy Tokan...
"£3,000 in the first month."
Meet Belinda Watson...
"The guys really do deliver on their promises. It does seem too good to be true, but don't procrastinate, it's fabulous."
Meet Bernard Keavy...
"The lead nurturing campaign produces appointments for me and produced my first £400 an hour client this morning."
Meet Tony Namdi...
"Differs from most other programmes because it delivers tangible results."
Meet Eloise Gibbons...
"With the tools and systems I've acquired leads and mentoring clients."
Meet Alan Kerr...
"What I've been missing all along is the Business Mentoring System."
Meet Edward Bell...
"The best programme I've seen in 25 years. I wish I has this 30 years ago... I'd be laying on a beach by now!"
Meet Ashfaq Shah...
"Great value for money. Just the PCMS is worth more than the cost of the programme."
Meet Todd Francis...
"Nothing like it anywhere. The help and support is amazing... the systems and tools are world-class."
Meet Jack Rickard...
"Not coached or mentored before but it's easy to learn because of the quality of the training. The support has been exceptional."
Meet Maria Brusko...
"The guidance, support and the 21-Day Launch Pad Training is wonderful. They've changed a rigid market and opened it up."
Meet Harry Toye...
"Passive and residual income at £/$/€400 an hour. Amazing systemisation."
Meet Tim Covington...
"The programme merits compare with the likes of Tony Robbins."
Meet David Davies...
"Working with two clients and in partnership with an accountant."
Meet Marcus Bennion..
"Within 6 days of the 21-day training, I've already had success in our business."
Meet Paul Machin...
"The personalised Expert Newsletter is exceptional and gives me instant credibility and expertise."
Meet Darragh Connelly...
"Two weeks in and I'm loving it."
Meet Brian Maphosa...
"Mentoring business growing quickly."
Meet Dean Tidman...
Meet Michael Black...
"Absolutely fantastic and incredible value."
Meet Luke Alexander...
"The system is easy to follow for me and my clients."
Meet Frank Martin
"Far more value provided than the cost. I'm lucky to have found it!"
Meet Jamie Tisson...
"If you're looking to grow a mentoring business you should definitely join."
Meet Stephan Robson...
"Very impressed with the breadth and depth of the programme."
**Testimonials shown are real experiences from people who’ve invested in the Business Mentoring System.**
Introducing The Game-Changing
Business Mentoring System
That will transform your business and your life...
From the desk of Steve Hackney:

Dear Entrepreneur,  

I'm so excited to be able to reveal this to you. Below details the key tools worth thousands, that make my Business Mentoring System one of the easiest and most rewarding career choices available to anyone looking to improve the lives and businesses of the people they work with, whilst building a highly successful mentoring business for themselves, realistically making £400 an hour and do it all without having to sell.

Let's take a look at each one...
"The Business Mentoring System is 20+ years of trial and error. You're getting a world-class system unlike anything else on the market today"
The NO Selling Prospect-To-Client Management System
(Value: £4,995 per year)
THE 'NO Selling PCMS'
The 4 key stages of the 'NO Selling PCMS'. All you have to do is 'feed' the system with prospects and the system takes over. 

This takes client acquisition to a new level – removing all the rejection and wasted time of traditional prospecting and selling.

Never again pay for expensive software (like Click Funnels or Keap [formerly InfusionSoft] or Sales Force). Never again pay for web designers. Never again have to learn complicated technology. NEVER AGAIN DO ANY SELLING TO GET YOUR CLIENTS!
The NO Selling Prospect-To-Client Management System (PCMS) is our revolutionary first-of-a-kind system to enable acquiring lucrative, long-term mentoring clients, far easier than ever before. In fact, with your own PCMS which we build and tailor for you, you'll never have to do any actual “selling” yourself because the system churns out clients for you!

The team set the entire system up for you, so you don’t have to learn or master anything technical (in fact, you don't have to lift a single finger!).

It is completely AUTOMATED. All you have to do is enter the basic details of any prospect (and we show you how to identify the perfect prospects for ZERO cost) and then forget about it, allowing the PCMS to do its work.

Each prospect is then taken through a series of email campaigns especially written to get them to take action and opt-in to our 'SELL MORE STUFF' Challenge (see below). Then we take over and the Challenge naturally leads prospects through to becoming a client (see below). 

For the first time ever, getting long-term, lucrative clients without selling just got EASY! It's like having your own high-performance sales team  working for you, without the cost! Worth £4,995.
High-Converting Landing Pages
Your Own World-Class Web Presence Set Up For You
Your NO Selling PCMS includes fully tailored and stunning web pages for you. Each page is created with one primary objective: to get people to opt-in to the 'SELL MORE STUFF' Challenge (see below). 

Those that don't initially opt-in to the Challenge or become mentoring clients for you, then receive a series of ongoing and completely automated email campaigns (again each email is tailored to you). 

These campaigns drive your prospects to your own 'Landing Pages' (web pages) that our team build for you. We even host them at our cost on your own web domain (which we also purchase for you), such as

Each page has been expertly built to get as many of your visitors to take the SELL MORE STUFF Challenge.

In total the team build up to 22 stunning pages for you and include...

- Home Page
- About Page
- Contact Us Page
- Sell More Stuff Challenge Opt-In Page

Never again will you have to worry about creating web pages that convert. Never again worry about paying web designers and copywriters to build and write your pages. Never again get poor results. 

Your web presence is finally taken care of for you and will deliver results 24/7! 
Your Sales Machine
The SELL MORE STUFF Challenge has been created and built for one reason: to overcome the biggest challenge facing mentors, coaches and consultants... and that's to acquire a steady stream of lucrative, long-term clients.

It takes your prospects and works over a 9-day period (5 days for the Challenge and then 4 days to sell them the mentoring service - see below) to deliver clients for you.

It's been described as a “world-class 5-day challenge unlike anything seen before”. We've invested a significant amount of money and time to make the Challenge an amazing experience for each prospect and ensure that they then convert into mentoring clients for you and all our mentors. 

See for yourself by clicking here (if you register for the Challenge, you'll experience exactly what your prospective clients will experience).

Right now, especially with Covid, millions of small and medium-sized businesses are in dire need of more sales. The Challenge takes them through exactly how to do that without them having to spend a penny more. It's the perfect solution for business owners.

And once they see what can be achieved, with our help, it's only natural that when we tell them they can work with us (you!) on our world-class mentoring programme (Sales Accelerator MENTORING Programme - see below).
Clients Handed To You On A Plate
Systemised (And Human) Sales System
As soon as they’ve completed the Challenge, the system offers the “challenger” the chance to work with you.
Remember, they've already seen 'The FORMULA' (our business-building system used by over 100,000 business owners across the world), and the Vault... plus how the 9 Core Elements combine to transform the results of their marketing to generate more sales.

They're now primed.

We then give them an offer they can't refuse to work with us (you).  

As you can see, we stack a huge amount of value in each programme, and other than you providing mentoring support (in the Sales Accelerator MENTORING Programme) we provide everything else on your behalf. 

This is how we're able to acquire clients for you at £400 an hour. It's unrivalled anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, a number of prospects do want to speak to someone prior to joining, and in every case, we handle the calls all the follow-up and again look to convert them into clients. We handle EVERY element of the sales process for you!
Lifetime Access To The Core Asset Vault For Your Clients

Worth £2,495

The implementation aids make it so easy for the client to create their strategies. That means they don't need any prior sales and marketing experience to be able to create successful strategies. 
Images showing the login and dashboard of the Core Asset Vault. You'll be able to monitor the progress your clients are making through your password protected 'Mentor Client Access Pass'. It's never been easier to work with clients and keep them motivated and on track. Better still... you'll never be in the dark when it comes to their progress! 

You can take a look around the Vault yourself if you register for the SELL MORE STUFF Challenge. Register by clicking here.
The NO Selling PCMS delivers you a steady stream of clients (the more effort you apply to getting prospects, the more clients the system will deliver for you). 

Our proven business-building system for clients is called 'The FORMULA'. To make it easy for clients to get results and to quickly and easily implement The FORMULA into their businesses, we created the Core Asset VAULT. 

Prospects taking the Challenge get exposed to the Vault (the Challenge takes place inside the Vault) so they already know how good it is. 

Often having an implementation system for the client is the missing piece of the jigsaw, especially when it comes to mentoring and commanding significant fees for the mentor. 

That's why the Core Asset Vault is so important...

This is the ‘jewel in the crown’ of the Business Mentoring System – and the critical component which delivers real value to your clients. 

The Vault (v5.0) is a one-of-a-kind online e-learning platform for your clients. With your help, it enables clients to easily implement The FORMULA into their businesses. The Vault includes dozens of ONLINE and OFFLINE strategies and tactics that are working right now for business owners in any industry type. 

Each strategy and tactic has its own set of easy implementation aids such as an overview video, step-by-step ‘Playbook’, fill-in-the-blank templates and ‘never-miss-a-thing’ checklists. These all combine to make it easy for the client to quickly create powerful, results-producing strategies and tactics, even if they’ve never created a sales and marketing strategy before. Plus, clients also get the 21-Day Fast-Start Training Programme to help them get results even in the first couple of weeks (see below).

Giving your clients access to the Vault is key to you getting £400 per hour!

All your clients get 24/7 total access to the Vault. Worth £2,495.
Clients Get Results Fast With This...
World-Class 21-Day Online Fast-Start Training For ALL Your Clients
As soon as your clients have access to the Core Asset Vault, they get our industry-leading 'Fast-Start' video training course. Each day for 21 days clients get bite-sized assignments to ensure they grow their businesses and increase profits quickly. 

The course is written to ensure they simply apply the tactics and strategies that will bring them the biggest returns for their time and effort.

The way for you to think about the training course is it's providing the expertise (just like the Vault is) to your clients. The training course and the power of the Vault, together with your help, support and guidance, ensures that your clients are more than happy to pay you £400 a month for the mentoring service (Sales Accelerator MENTORING Programme - see below).

...and because the video training course and the Vault do the heavy lifting, your monthly calls with clients should never be longer than 45 minutes.
Example video taking clients through their Day 8 assignment (implementing 'Moments Of Truth'). For an overview of the training course click here.
The Direct Mail Marketing System

Value: £1,495

The letter shown here was one of my early lead generation letters which generated several hundred thousand pounds in consulting fees. 

That was back in 1998 when direct mail was as popular as email is now. However, research shows that on average, we now receive 157 emails per day and only 2 pieces of mail.

And because of that, it's never been easier to get results with direct mail. The 'Lead Generation Letter' you get as part of the programme is a proven and powerhouse strategy that has and continues to generate thousands of leads and hundreds of clients worldwide for our mentors.

Results are ONLY going to get BETTER when it comes to direct mail as fewer people use it in favour of online marketing and social media. This letter forms part of the Direct Mail Marketing System and will ensure your prospects register for the SELL MORE STUFF Challenge. Worth £1,495.
Sales Accelerator Mentoring System

Value: £1,995

The 'Sales Accelerator MENTORING Programme' is a world-class and proven mentoring system developed by us to work in tandem with The FORMULA and the Vault. As you saw above, it's packed full of value. 

The key of course is to ensure the client gets results. Do that and they'll stay with you for many months, even years. 

How you engage with them is key to them 'sticking'. That's why you get the step-by-step 'Sales Accelerator Mentoring System' as part of the Business Mentoring System. 

It's a simple 4-stage system complete with all the documents you'll ever need to guide, assist and mentor all your clients. These include done-for-you emails, and agendas. Each one takes just seconds to tailor to each client.

You'll NEVER, ever have to 'wing it' with a client and you'll be the consummate PRO right from the start.

It's so good, even the very first time you work with a client, they'll never know it's your first time. Worth £1,995.
Mentors' Resource Centre

Value: £2,495

Everything you need at your finger tips. You're never more than two clicks away from accessing every element of the content we've created for you with the Members' Resource Centre.
The Mentors' Resource Centre is our amazing online platform where all our systems, tools and strategies for mentors are stored.

It’s taken us years to build it... and it comes complete with instructional videos and all the done-for-you content. 

The Resource Centre includes absolutely everything you need to quickly build your mentoring business and deliver a world-class service. All the intellectual property we have for our mentors is kept here.

For example, you get all the documents, digital versions and step-by-step videos to ensure you deliver the mentoring system (Sales Accelerator MENTORING Programme) like a seasoned pro, even the very first time you work with a client. Access to the Mentors' Resource Centre is worth £2,495.
Mentors Launch Pad Training

Value: £1,995

The Launch Pad Online Training is our outstanding 21-day online course designed to get you ready to launch within 3 weeks. Each daily assignment takes from 30 minutes to a couple of hours so it's relatively easy to fit into your existing schedule.

Having said that, it's also been created so you can move at your own pace.

It takes you through all the elements of the Business Mentoring System, so you get up to speed quickly and ensure you take full advantage of everything in it. 

Seriously, you won’t have experienced anything quite like the Launch Pad training programme. Worth £1,995.
Within 3 weeks you'll be fully trained and ready-to-go!
Monthly Mentors Mastermind Q&A

Value: £1,495 per year

Our mentors love the monthly MASTERMIND Q&A. It further accelerates the growth of their businesses and will do the same for you!
When you join the Business Mentoring System, you’ll be invited EVERY month to our one-hour Mastermind Q&A Masterclass. Ask any question. Listen to other questions and Steve provides all the answers. 
This is a virtual Mastermind group and it will help accelerate the growth of your business even faster. 

Do not under-estimate the value of having group 'Mastermind' calls like this. It's one of the biggest accelerators you can have for your mentoring business. Worth £1,495 per year.
3 Pillar Mentor Support Service

Value: £1,795

Even with everything included in the Business Mentoring System... there's one vital ingredient that's crucial to help you succeed... and that's SUPPORT.

When you invest in the Business Mentoring System we don't just set you free on your own. We have a comprehensive support structure designed to give you all the help, encouragement and guidance as you need. 

The 3 Pillar Mentor Support Service provides (1) SYSTEMS support to ensure your landing pages and PCMS system is operational 24/7... (2) TEAM support so you can ask our experienced support team any questions, any time, any day and (3) MANAGEMENT support, which gives you direct access to Steve, Peter and Rob who have just under 100 years of successful mentoring, coaching and consulting experience between them. Worth £1,795.
The 3 Pillar Mentor Support Service ensures you're never on your own and we'll do everything we can to help you succeed!
Ready To Build A Highly Successful ONLINE Mentoring Business?
Here's A Summary Of What You Get When You Invest In The Business Mentoring System...
  • The NO Selling Prospect-To-Client Management System (PCMS): The revolutionary, tailored to you system, created to convert prospects into long-term lucrative clients. Delivered to you within 30 days! Ensures you don't have to sell. WORTH £4,995 per year.
  • Lifetime Access To The Core Asset Vault For ALL Clients: The Core Asset Vault is a stunning implementation system to enable ALL your clients to achieve rapid growth in their businesses... and your clients get full access. Includes the 'Fast-Start 21-Day Training Programme' for each client. WORTH £2,495.
  • ​Direct Mail Marketing System: Proven 3-page high-impact letter which will ensure more of your prospects register for the SELL MORE STUFF Challenge. WORTH £1,495.
  • Proven, World-Class Mentoring Service: The 'Sales Accelerator Mentoring System' will ensure you guide clients through to success. WORTH £1,995.
  • Dedicated Mentors' Resource Centre: You get full access to the Mentors' Resource Centre. This gives you everything you need within one or two clicks to run and build a successful mentoring business. WORTH £2,495.
  • Mentors' Launch Pad Training: To get you up and running and up to speed quickly, you'll get our industry-leading 21-day Mentor Launch Pad Training. Delivered in bite-sized daily assignments, within 3 weeks you'll be ready to launch your mentoring business! WORTH £1,995.
  • Monthly Mentors Mastermind Q&A: Every month you'll push your business on faster by tuning into the monthly online Mastermind Q&A. WORTH £1,495 PER YEAR.
  • ​Built-In Client Ascension Model: Automated ascension model to get your clients to buy more services (mentoring/consulting). WORTH £1,995.
  • ​3 Pillar Mentor Support Service: Comprehensive support programme giving you the encouragement... advice... guidance and back-office support that you expect from a world-class business which really cares about the people it serves! WORTH £1,795.
You Get ALL The Above Worth £19,260
For A Single, One-Off Set-Up Fee Of Just £997
Plus Just £50 Per Month Per Client The System Delivers You
NO hidden extras. Join without risk...
See below for our industry-leading, two-tiered, money-back guarantee
Too Good
To Be True?
Many of our mentors initially believed this was too good to be true (just watch what they say), but here's why you can join right now for just a single set-up fee of £997... 
So you might now be asking yourself, what’s the catch? 

Why is something so obviously stacked with value and significant investment, being offered for so little? 

Here's why... 

It’s quite simple really… we set out to completely disrupt the coaching and consulting industry. We think it’s crazy that franchisors charge people like you anything up to £70,000 in up-front fees plus massive ongoing so called “support” or “royalty” fees.
Nevertheless, coaches, mentors and consultants who’ve unfortunately been down that road, before discovering and investing in our programme, tell us that nothing comes close to comparing to the Business Mentoring System.
You see, we wanted to create a financial model based on SUCCESS, which therefore benefited EVERYONE involved, you as the Mentor, your clients and of course ourselves. The more clients the system generates for you... the more you make and the more we make. Isn't that how it should be? 

So YOU only pay a small and single, set-up fee...

Plus, because of the challenging times we're in right now, we wanted to go the extra mile to make it even more affordable for you... which is why I revealed the Special Offer price on the web class (normally the set-up fee is £2,997 plus £100 per month per client - still great value for money).

Our ultimate business objective is to help as many small- to medium-sized businesses as humanly possible, especially in these challenging times. We have the tools and systems to do that. But they need help. They need people like you to take them through the process, 'hold their hands', and mentor them. They need to be accountable. And they need your support. 

Hopefully, that all makes sense? We are very proud of the Business Mentoring System and we want to share in your success. However...
You Need To Act Now Because This Is A Time-Limited Offer...
Once This Offer Expires, Your Investment Increases To £2,997 & £100 Per Client Per Month
During this special offer, you can get the Business Mentoring System for just £997 (+vat)... plus just £50 (+vat) per client per month, but once this offer expires, it will go back up to the normal price of £2,997 (+vat), plus £100 (+vat) a month for each of your clients.

And if you need any more reassurance before investing in the System, you also get our...
Industry-Leading, Risk FREE
Two-Tiered Money-Back GUARANTEE
Here's how it works...

Firstly, if after you complete the 'Personal Information Form' we don't deliver your 'NO Selling PCMS' within 14 days, we'll refund 100% of your set-up fee and give you £500 for the inconvenience. Secondly, if after adding 100 or more perfect prospects to the system, and you're subsequently not happy with the results, we'll refund 100% of your set-up fee.

Fair enough?

This hopefully shows you that we stand behind the system and the results it will bring for you.

As far as we know... NO OTHER organisation in our space offers any guarantees whatsoever, never mind everything else included in the Business Mentoring System... and...
It ONLY Takes
One Solitary Client Paying You For 3 Months To More Than Pay For Your Set-Up Fee. The Question Is... How Many Clients Do You Want? 
Get started now by clicking on the button below...
What More Of Our Mentors, Coaches & Consultants Say About The Training, Systems & Resources And The Ultimate Mentoring Business...

"Outstanding Quality"

"It's the best value course and system on the market. The quality of the tools and systems are outstanding." Graham Pullan
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